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s p r i n g    bone china
Mad keen gardens we are always tempted to spend far too much time outdoors and neglect our other interests.
Spring is our favourite season. Full of colour, the vigorous shoots of long dormant potential and the promise of long warm days
to come. Spring is one of our vintage designs. These collections of Narcissus, Primula, Iris, Crocus, Snowdrops and Forsythia
are individually pruned for each china piece, so no two compositions are the same.

spring flowers on bone china platter, tea pot, mugs and plate a old favorite from china decorater rob turner

6 cup tea pot
Tea Pot (6 cup) £50.00
half pint jug
Half Pint Jug £20.00
10cms high
sugar bowl
Sugar Bowl £15.00
7cms high 11cms wide
standard mug
Standard Mug £13.00
8.5cms high
gaint mug
Tall Mug £15.00
10 cms high




2 cup tea pot
Tea Pot (2 cup) £30.00
tea cup & saucer
Tea Cup & Saucer £20.00
desert soul bowl
Desert Bowl/Soup £20.00
18cm wide
serving bowl
Serving Bowl £45.00
23cms wide
1 pint jug
1 Pint Jug £26.00
13cms high




10" plate
10" Plate £20.00
25.5cms wide
8" Plate £15.00
20.5cms wide
6 " plate
6" plate £13.00
16.5cms wide
13" oval platter
13" Oval Platter £50.00
37cms wide
12" round platter
12" Round Platter £60.00
33cms wide