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m i d s u m m e r    bone china
Lifelong obsessive fabric collectors , Midsummer is inspired by a treasured piece of antique English crewelwork.
Our exotic contemporary interpretation is rendered in rich, jewel like colours reminiscent of a midsummer English garden
and the designs of the Mogul empire. Midsummer is skilfully collaged and tailored to fit all the pieces in our collection. True china couture.
From a set of mugs to full dinner service Midsummer is already a firm favourite with a growing band of enthusiastic collectors.

midsummer floral tableware design from rob turner

6 cup tea pot
Tea Pot (6 cup) £50.00
half pint jug
Half Pint Jug £20.00
10cms high
sugar bowl
Sugar Bowl £15.00
7cms high 11cms wide
standard mug
Standard Mug £13.00
8.5cms high
gaint mug
Tallt Mug £15.00
10 cms high




2 cup tea pot
Tea Pot (2 cup) £30.00
tea cup & saucer
Tea Cup & Saucer £20.00
desert soul bowl
Desert Bowl/Soup £20.00
18cm wide
serving bowl
Serving Bowl £45.00
23cms wide
1 pint jug
1 Pint Jug £26.00
13cms high




10" plate
10" Plate £20.00
25.5cms wide
8" Plate £15.00
20.5cms wide
6 " plate
6" plate £13.00
16.5cms wide
13" oval platter
13" Oval Platter £50.00
37cms wide
12" round platter
12" Round Platter £60.00
33cms wide